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Nov 8, 2012 4:00am EST
in the u.s. we'll head out to new york city later in the show for a preview of what to expect on wall street today. and more than 2,000 hand picked chinese delegates gathered at the great hall of the people to kick off the communist party week long transition. beijing will only officially reveal the next generation leaders thursday. hu jintao promised political and economic reform, but he stressed china won't abandon one party rule and will stick to the socialist path. eunice is live for us. this is his big final speech, so reading in sort of between the lines almost is very telling. it's the legacy he's trying to cath. and what less gassy is that? >> many here believe what he is saying is significant in that it is his final farewell. he really was just reading through the work report to talks about the achievements, the economic and political achievements that the party has had. and also to outline the future challenges. one of the first challenges you had already addressed is the issue of corruption. he said the government needed to do more to root it out. >> eunice, we're having tr
Nov 12, 2012 4:00am EST
the occurrences city? >> by themselves, they wanted to, they could debate and could depreciate their currency. the fact of the matter is that they don't really want to do that. the bank of japan is more germanic in its approach. they don't think that money on its own can create economic growth and personally i must say i've got a bit of sympathy with that. >> i think the real question is japan really going to continue with this kind of negative economic outlook and whether it really can continue with a growing debt to gdp profile and whether the bank of japan will stick in its germanic root. >> you're right. the key issue is where is growth, where will growth come from. right now it's sort of easy, we have a global slowdown, particularly capital goods. that's hitting japan's exporters quite severely. question, when are we going to get a concerted government package that is pro economic growth, that involves, yes, the bank of japan, but more importantly, it involves better rules, better regulation. for example, there's a shortage of about 700,000 nurses here in japan. when are we going to get
Nov 13, 2012 4:00am EST
friday, the day after thanksgiving. but for consumers in the new york city area, finding that perfect holiday gift may not be the first thing on their minds. they're continuing to clean up after hurricane sandy. before the storm struck, a majority of chains were fairly confident about the holidays expecting sales to be the same or better than last year. joining us now is executive vice president of the retail council of new york. ted, good morning. we spoke with you last just after the storm. and your sense wasn't clear yet as to what the impact would be. and that ben foit a home dae poe and the other suppliers or would it hurt results for retailers broadly speaking. do you have anymore clarity on the issue today? >> i think going into the holiday season, it's always neb's guess how it will go. this puts such a huge unknown into an already unknowable factor. and i think as you just mentioned as the home improvement stores will probably do a little bit better particularly in the new york city long island new jersey westchester areas, simply because it's a fact of life down there now an
Nov 9, 2012 4:00am EST
york city have to check their number plates before they pump gas. the mayor says based on license plates ending in odd or even numbers, drivers will be allowed to fill their tanks on alternative days. three quarters of gas stations remain closed due to super storm sandy. and in the last few minute, drinks giant has signed a deal to control spritz for $2 million. joining us is the ceo before paul, good to see you. thanks for joinings us. i presume you you now have to make an offer to all the shareholders. >> we are required to do a mandatory tender offer in the market which we will embark upon upon appropriate clearances. >> what is this company going to give you that you don't already have? >> first of all, this company has fabulous brands in the premium local category. it also has a very strong route to market. so it is the leader in the market and as you said, we'll have controlling interest. >> did this basically happen because united spirits owner needs cash? king fish airlines has been grounded by heavy debts. >> i think they see the mayor receipt in what we're trying to crea
Nov 14, 2012 4:00am EST
conservative and has funded the economic rise of the city that he governs with massive amounts of debt. these two men, they straddle the youth league faction, but li is considered more of a reformist, while yu is considered more conservative. zhang was passed over at last congress. he's a princeling, talking sometimes brutal style. on the end of this wall right here, we have the underdogs, liu would be the first woman. and wang is the first of a new generation of reformers. thoughts are he might be a little bit too reformist. kelly? >> thanks for that. you mentioned that wang yang right there may be too reformist. does that reflect more broadly a sense that while maintaining the reforms of the current regroup that we're not necessarily going to see an aggressively more reformist china? >> i think the style in china particularly the communist party is to carefully word any kind of talk of reform, and wang yang, like i said, he represents a new generation of reformers that are asking for it a little bit more forcefully. now, he did hold elections in the province that he governs over. so
Nov 15, 2012 4:00am EST
that hamas has which threaten the central citizen in israel, in particular the bigger city tel aviv. so israel taking out those rocket piles from the air, also attacking from the sea. israel's army is poised at the border of gaza, reserves are being called up for a possible ground inflation of gaza, which i think nobody actually wants, but certainly a real possibility. at the same time, palestinian rocket attacks from gaza into israel are also continuing about 150 this morning, most of the israelis have been intercepted by the dome system homemade rocket defense system. nevertheless one rocket did get through, killed three israelis. the first casualties of this operation. so far 13 palestinians have been killed in gaza. what we're waiting to see is to what extent will the continuation of the palestinian rockets be able to kill israelis. because that will be the determining factor in how long this operation goes on for and what actually happens, whether there's a ground invasion or not. israel says it's determined to end the okay ket threat from gaza. that means continuing the tacks for
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6